5 to 10: MLB Labor Lever, Stafford’s Hall Pass, Drug Power Racism, True or False

Head on a minor swivel

No, that’s not a wake-up call for your teenagers who might pull a Matilda Bay out of the fridge on Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s the latest wrinkle in labor negotiations for Major League Baseball and its players.

You may have heard that there is a work stoppage in baseball. And the longer it drags on, the more it risks costing us regular season games.

The lines have been drawn, and aside from the universal DH, little commonality can be found.

Now, in an effort to cut costs, the owners have floated this idea.

The details are quite nebulous but the meaning should not be confused.

The proposal is that MLB – which has taken almost complete control of minor league baseball – be allowed to reduce its national reserve list – the names of players in a major league club’s minor league system – by 180 at 150.

And just to be completely deceitful, the owners’ proposal says the league could adjust the roster “up or down” according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who does a great job and a great impression of Elmo.

First of all, the owners know they can never stop giving star players nine-figure deals.

Second, to cut costs, they want to cut names down.

Third, how many clubs would actually “increase” the number of farm workers on the payroll?

Fourth, after MLB has already contracted several minor league franchises, if each team cut about 30 players from its system, in the long run, wouldn’t that mean another cycle of minor league contraction?

As Passan points out, after the late 2020 minor league purge — a purge that had our beloved Lookouts on the line — when the dust settled, MLB signed 10-year deals with all 120 minor league clubs. remaining. Last year was the first year of this 10-year deal, so nothing will be on the horizon in the immediate future, but in a decade, who knows?

(Secondary question: If our city and county is going to shell out tens of millions for a new Lookouts stadium, well, it better be in play for more than the next nine years, right?)

Racer calls racism

Last summer, Sha’Carri Richardson, one of the fastest sprinters on the planet, was banned from competing in the Olympics because she tested positive for marijuana ahead of the Tokyo Olympics l ‘last summer.

Late last year, star figure skater Kamila Valieva failed a drug test and was told she couldn’t compete at the Beijing Games. Valieva appealed and on Monday the Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned the IOC’s original decision, allowing the 15-year-old Russian to compete in tonight’s singles event.

Richardson, who is black, posted on social media: “The only difference I see is that I’m a young black woman.” And also posted, “Can we get a solid answer on the difference between his situation and mine?”

Fair general feelings and, indeed, the inequalities of the Olympic realm cover all -isms and could only be more corrupt and stupid if Fredo Corleone were its president.

But details are critical here. Richardson was banned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for doing Cheech and Chong after learning of her mother’s death; Valieva was suspended by the International Olympic Committee and reinstated through its arbitration process.

From that perspective, the biggest difference here for me is that Richardson is American and Valieva is Russian, because god damn it, we know Russians don’t impose anything on themselves these days.

In my mind, both broke the rules and neither should be competing, but here goes.

Super Bowl venue pass

So, lineups and circumstances force us to discuss quarterbacks more often than not. Hey, the nature of the beast and the beast trade.

We’ll start with this caveat: Richard Sherman is a mean, smart guy. A three-year Stanford graduate in communications, Sherman will be a coveted voice on TV once his playing days are over.

He is also dead wrong on his position that there is “no measuring stick” by which Matthew Stafford is a Hall of Famer.

After Sunday’s performance of three TDs in a Super Bowl victory – and let’s face it, Stafford is the MVP if a reverse ball on a fourth-team WR who was in the game because Odell Beckham got injured doesn’t become not his second INT – is there a measuring stick in which Stafford isn’t a Hall of Famer.

With Sunday’s title — especially in his freshman year with the Rams — Stafford can erase twelve years of struggles and less than mediocre results with a beach towel emblazoned with the Detroit logo.

I’m not sure wins should be a QB stat, but playoff performance and delivery on the biggest stage when it comes with the chance should be. And Stafford has ticked both of those boxes over the past month.

Now consider this: Stafford is 12th all-time in passing yards, and if he plays another four years — he turned 34 last week — and stays close to that 4,000 passing yards average that he’s maintained for most of his career when healthy, he could finish in the top five in yards (likely top six since Matt Ryan will also continue to climb the ratings.)

He could make the same rise in TD assists as well as he’s currently 12th and if he stays true to his career average, he’ll edge closer to the fringe of what will be the top six.

(Note: This conversation really helps Matt Ryan too, because Ryan’s career numbers in every category by Super Bowl wins are better than Stafford’s. In fact, depending on how long Ryan plays and Aaron Rodgers plays, Matt Ryan will move into fairly prestigious top-five categories.)

But it’s a Matt for a different door.

Today is Stafford, and sorry Sherman. You are completely wrong on this one. (Note appendix, part II: The best legacy career change Stafford can make right now is go to the Rams, renegotiate your deal to help take over some of the baton for the other Rams superstars. and trying to roll this thing back Just in team contracts – he’s signed three deals with the NFL – Stafford has made over a quarter of a billion playing football Normally I think players should grab whatever they can while they can, but if Stafford and the Rams work together and keep this band together – with ODJ and a healthy Robert Woods – watch out. And an MVP next year would have also looks pretty sharp on this resume.)

this and that

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Today’s questions

True or false, it’s Tuesday.

True or false, you were less productive at work on Monday. (Spy, don’t answer. The bar is already too low, sir.)

True or false, you woke up this morning and realized that we would be without football for almost seven months and that made you sad.

True or false, labor disputes will cost us – the fans – regular season baseball this season.

True or false, racism played a role in the various drug testing decisions for the American sprinter and the Russian skater.

True or false you want to see the Russian skater fall tonight.

True or false, UT beats Kentucky tonight.

As for today, February 15, let’s review.

YouTube was launched on this day in 2005.

The teddy bear was introduced on this day in 1903.

Chris Farley would have been 58 today.

Okay, Christopher McDonald is 67 today.

Rushmore of complete jerks in sports movies, as McDonald’s big turn as Shooter McGavin is a bona fide contender.