Banking, Payments, Crypto, Retail: Our Next Identity Summit Is All About Financial Biometrics

Renowned biometrics and identity experts will take to the virtual stage to discuss the crucial role of biometrics in financial services during a one-day event sponsored by FaceTec and FacePhi.

Financial services are at the frontier of innovation in biometrics and identity technology. Payments, banking, remittances, and retail are the use cases that enable people around the world to use biometric authentication, selfie-based identity verification, and digital technologies. digital identification. Today, with the steady march of digital transformation and the impending advent of Web3, we are once again looking to the financial industry to see the challenges and opportunities of broader identity.

On September 28, 2022, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, join FindBiometrics and our leading partners IBIA and Money20/20 for a full-day virtual event featuring keynotes, interviews and panel discussions with industry experts who live at the intersection of identity and services financial.

Continuing the pattern of previous FindBiometrics Virtual Identity Summits, the September event will feature two dedicated digital exhibit times, splitting a full schedule of expert sessions, including:

Old banks, new identity

This session explores how established banks are leveraging biometric identity and authentication technologies to improve customer experience, reduce fraud, and keep pace with challenger banks.

The evolution of the portfolio

We’ve come a long way since the early days of Apple Pay. Biometrically secure mobile wallets are becoming increasingly important parts of our lives, whether we’re buying groceries online, using our phones to pay for gas at the pump, or even showing our mobile ID for purchases subject to an age limit. This session recaps the main stages of the mobile wallet before looking at the technology’s current place in the FinTech landscape.

Money in the Metaverse

This discussion session is about crypto, blockchain, web3 and how biometrics protect identities in the next online arena.

Build a better map

We’ve been hearing about biometric payment cards for years, and they’re finally starting to see the light of day. Join the innovators who are building a better payment card with biometrics as they share their ideas on the road to mass commercialization.

Naked Payments: biometrics in retail

Biometrics are revolutionizing the retail experience, enabling seamless customer journeys and enhanced loyalty programs. This roundtable will showcase exciting examples of cutting-edge biometrics in physical retail stores, while addressing the crucial privacy and data storage aspects of the public-facing biometric equation.

Making the World Go Round: Protecting International Money Transfers with Biometrics

International money transfer is a fraud nightmare. It was conventional knowledge. But now, with advanced biometrics and liveness technologies, money transfer companies are eliminating fraud on their platforms. This session examines specific examples of workplace biometrics protecting international money transfer.

IBIA Roundtable: The Future of Money and Identity

International Biometrics and Identity Association (IBIA) Chief Executive Robert Tappan is joined by prominent IBIA members to discuss current opportunities and challenges in biometric finance. Banking, Payments, Money Transfer, Cryptocurrency and More: How Do Top Identity Industry Experts See the Future of Biometrics and Money?

Stay tuned to FindBiometrics in the coming weeks as we reveal more details about speakers, sessions and sponsors for this next entry in our virtual event series.

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