BBDO Singapore plans to refresh CIMB banking manual in ASEAN

Here, The Drum examines how BBDO Singapore is set to give CIMB, one of the leading banks in the ASEAN region, a new brand direction to help it stand out in the saturated field of banking communications.

The creative brief for a difficult category

Banking communication is highly regulated, and therefore often not very creative. In such a crowded field, the agency’s task was to help CIMB stand out while giving it an attractive edge – and all without compromising on core brand values ​​and services.

Guan Hin Tay, Creative Director of BBDO Singapore, said in a conversation with The Drum: “‘Free yourself, bank differently’ is the new philosophy of CIMB’s new brand management which has been designed to show what happens when you break free from the rut of inefficient banking habits.

Behind the scenes of the campaign

The brand campaign around the new brand direction includes two films, both aimed to resonate with potential and existing customers.

The first branded film shows an interplay of dreary black and white (to display inefficient, age-old banking methods) juxtaposed with a splash of red color (to display the power of CIMB’s new-age banking method, highlighted by the color of the brand) . Dull storylines are shaken up with exuberant choreography, culminating in a flash mob climax in the heart of Singapore’s Raffles Place.

For the second film, the focus was on a different target demographic: CIMB Preferred priority banking customers. Thanks to the differentiated treatment, the central protagonist – a character who exists in the same “CIMB world” – is shown living a high-end lifestyle while breaking the fourth wall.

Create a differentiated banking brand story

Victor Lee, Managing Director of CIMB Singapore, said, “The new positioning is about the bank doing things differently from previous years to improve the overall end-user experience. By focusing on customer orientation and putting customers first, they aim to build a sustainable high-performing organization that will help drive both customers and society forward, he added.

Tay said: “We hope to inspire a fresh perspective with this empowering message in an ongoing climate and economy that seems perpetually bound by countless restrictions.” It’s never too late to break free.