Caisse Populaire, new restaurant in Ironworks, both with drive-thru

There is a new hole in the ground of the Ironworks development which was once grass and bare ground. Soon, the freshly dug space will form the basement of a new 10,000 square foot office building anchored by Granite City Steel Credit Union (GCS).

The Plum Street development is also home to Chicken Salad Chick, Strange Donuts, Sugarfire Smokehouse, Global Brew, Just Right Eating and Waxing the City. A restaurant will be added at the south end, next to Global Brew with its own pickup window for the existing single-lane drive-thru.

Edwardsville City Council voted Sept. 6 to approve a resolution for a development amendment. According to aldermen, the amendment approves two drive-thrus for the credit union and a single-lane pickup window for the looming restaurant at the south end of the property, next to Waxing the City. Only drive-thrus from the detached building was initially permitted.

There is a GCS credit union on Goshen Road just east of Quik Trip, however no GCS marketing staff were available Friday afternoon to confirm if this is a credit union site. replacement or whether the branches will coexist. They are about a mile apart.

The company’s main office is located in Granite City, and in addition to the Edwardsville branch, there are GCS satellite locations in Granite City, Pontoon Beach (drive-thru only), Collinsville, O’Fallon, Alton, and Fairmont City.

These will likely be the last two pieces on the Ironworks site, pending what moves into the credit union building. As of 2018, Ironworks has proven popular with customers in the region and has attracted new unique locations to the area.