Connecticut Child Tax Credit Application Period Opens in June | national news

(The Center Square) — Families in Connecticut can begin applying for the Child Tax Refund in June, Gov. Ned Lamont said.

The Governor announced Thursday afternoon that eligible families can earn up to $250 per child through the 2022 Connecticut Child Tax Refund. The application period opens on June 1. Earlier this month, the tax relief was enacted. The refund is contained in the fiscal year 2023 budget adjustment bill, which includes more than $600 million in tax cuts.

“In addition to making groundbreaking investments in child care, crime prevention, environmental protection and caring for our most vulnerable, the budget we have just enacted provides specifically targeted relief for low- and middle-income families with children,” Lamont said in a release. “The application period for this rebate will run over the next few weeks, with rebates being paid out at the end of August, just in time for the start of the next school year. I strongly urge all eligible families in Connecticut to submit a claim so that the discount can be sent to you without delay.

According to the release, resident families reporting at least one child under the age of 18 on last year’s tax return may be eligible to receive the refund. The credit is capped at three children.

To be eligible, according to the release, the income guidelines are $100,000 or less for single or married taxpayers filing separately, $190,000 or less for head of household filers and $200,000 or less. less for joint and married returns.

Employees with incomes over $200,000 may be eligible for a reduced discount, according to the statement.

Currently, the department is reaching out through information postcards to more than 300,000 households who could benefit from the rebate. Shipments will begin this week.

Applications will be made available through the state Department of Tax Services, according to the release, and the application period will end on July 31. The funds will be received at the end of August. Families are invited to visit the Ministry of Revenue portal.