Converseon Launches Decision Intelligence – Suite of Solutions to Leverage Conversational Data to Gain Predictive Insights into Business Outcomes and Strategic Impact

First-To-Market Reputation, CX and Brand Decision Intelligence solutions transform noisy conversation data into actionable predictive intelligence through the power of advanced NLP and applied AI

NEW YORK, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Converseon, the leading AI-powered technology and consumer insights company, today launched the industry’s first suite of subscription-based “business intelligence” solutions designed to leverage conversation data to not only predict business outcomes such as sales, shareholder value, and customer loyalty metrics, but also to quantify the likely impact of specific actions before they are taken, all at the “speed of social networks”.

Powered by a combination of real-time social and conversational data streams, applied AI technologies and business decision simulation tools, the solutions, which will be launched at the IIEX conference in Austinhave been successfully in beta over the past year.

The solutions are designed to reinvent brand and business reputation, measurement and analytics for today’s polarized and rapidly changing environment by providing brands with a brand guidance and “always on” reputation.

“The exponential growth of related social and conversational data is a powerful source of predictive insights at a time when it’s needed most, but that data too often drowns out brands with too much noise and hindsight,” said Key Rob, CEO of Converseon. “To solve these problems, our business intelligence solutions use advanced data classification to eliminate noise and use AI-powered augmented intelligence to deliver the data that matters, that is accurate, predictive and linked to business outcomes for a world where even real time isn’t always fast enough.”

According to Key, business intelligence solutions capable of connecting real-time conversational data to tangible business results represent a generational leap forward for the reputation and brand measurement, social listening and customer intelligence.

The solutions, which are built on Converseon’s award-winning Conversus™ autoNLP platform, include:

  • The “Brand Reputation Social Intelligence System” (SRIS™): SRIS™ provides enhanced predictive reputation intelligence to help brands navigate today’s polarized, values-driven environment while connecting the dots between data, action and results commercial. The solution clearly helps determine the attributes and decisions that matter most to business success, uncovers potential blind spots, and enables in-depth analyzes of customer experience and ESG metrics across stakeholder groups.

  • Social Brand Relevance System (SBRS): SBRS allows marketers to understand how well the brand (and product lines) match the category needs and benefits of primary and secondary target markets. It not only provides market fit but can also predict future brand and product alignment.

Both solutions include a Assess module to view current and past performance and compare against major competitors and brands, a Diagnose view to understand the main drivers and topics and which are the main business drivers and a Predict which allows users to simulate in advance the likely impact of key decisions based on data to inform action, investment and strategy.

Converseon provides flexible solution delivery and is accessible through the API, select partner platforms, and through subscription-based dashboards.

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For more than a decade, Converseon has been a leader in NLP-powered social and consumer intelligence. During this period, he has built an enviable reputation for innovation and excellence. Today, the company partners with many of the world’s leading brands and data platforms to maximize the value and impact of unstructured conversational data intelligence within organizations through its technologies. proprietary applied AI, measurement frameworks, extensive industry experience and data partnerships. For more information please contact [email protected].

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