Credit Suisse fires director Roman Campbell over violent Koreatown attack in New York

A major bank’s media director has been fired after he ironically went viral on social media for losing his temper with servers in New York.

Credit Suisse has fired Roman Campbell after surveillance footage caught the head of media and information services allegedly assaulting a restaurant owner and waiter,” the report said. New York Post reported.

According to Job, Campbell walked into the Shanghai Mong restaurant on June 4 at around 2 a.m. to use the restroom. However, the owner, Jane Yi, told Campbell that the toilets were for customers only, which would have triggered him – he became combative and refused to leave.

In security footage of the incident, which was posted to Instagram by Yi’s daughter Nabs, a man believed to be Campbell collapsed as if drunk as he spoke to Yi, who is wearing a face mask. . A man standing behind Campbell apparently tries to drag him out of the restaurant but is unsuccessful.

In the next clip, the man is gone, other customers enter the restaurant, and the video shows Campbell starting to tape the owner after she tells him the restroom is for customers only. Yi also pulls out her phone to check in on Campbell, but he tries to snatch it away.

Campbell walks to the back of Shanghai Mong, where other employees were, and pushes Yi away from him. A server was also hit when he tried to get Campbell out of the area. The video apparently shows the intruder beating the server. Several employees then try to force Campbell out of the room, but Campbell manages to grab and slam Yi’s phone on the floor. The restaurant patrons intervene and help the employees get Campbell to leave. Video shows police were called, but Campbell was not arrested.

The server who was hit, Jose Morales, reportedly suffered a forehead bleed, the Job reported.

A source familiar with the matter said Campbell was fired.

Credit Suisse released a statement to The Daily Beast saying it was “aware of the allegations circulating on social media, which occurred off property and are unrelated to Credit Suisse. Credit Suisse maintains and adheres to a policy condemning discrimination, intimidation or violence of any kind.

Yi’s daughter, Nabs, said she was disappointed with the police response.

“My parents work 7 days a week and they haven’t taken a vacation in 6 years”, Instagram displays @y.nabii wrote in a statement with the video. “When the cops arrived they just talked to the guy and left. Our waiter’s forehead was bleeding after the guy hit his head. He grabbed my mom’s phone to smash it and nothing was done to him. invoice.

Yi’s husband, Tora, told the Job that the event totally traumatized Morales.

“He’s afraid to serve someone who’s been drinking now,” he said.

Although no arrests were made, Nabs wrote in a Instagram post updated Police are re-examining the case on Friday after social media users were screened to identify the alleged attacker.

“[M]my family and I want to thank everyone once again for all the support. We really appreciate everyone reaching out to us,” she said. “We could not have found [Campbell] if it wasn’t for all of you.