DA: Long Island mother and daughter charged with $850,000 credit card scam

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says Long Island woman defrauded credit card companies by disputing purchases as she headed for a ‘lavish lifestyle’ and later taught the method to his daughter.

Now Karan Geist and his daughter Alyssa Geist both face grand theft charges in a scheme that began in 2008 and ended last year with stolen credit card companies from 850 $000, according to court records.

Karan Geist faces one count of third-degree robbery, two counts of second-degree robbery and a first-degree fraudulent scheme, records show.

Alyssa Geist faces one count of grand larceny in the fourth degree and one count of scheme in the first degree to defraud, according to court records.

They were arrested on Friday and pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to court records.

From March 2008 to May 2021, Karan Geist obtained credit cards from companies that included Chase and American Express, in his name, variations of his name and the names of other family members, according to a statement of facts. in court documents.

Additionally, she allegedly used 20 different email addresses that did not match her credit card accounts, according to court records.

After shopping for sunglasses, groceries, and vet bills, she “would falsely report all of these charges as a fraud on her credit cards, falsely insisting the charges hadn’t been incurred. or authorized by it,” according to court documents.

Geist taught her daughter to “perpetrate the scheme”, according to court documents. Alyssa Geist made a $1,400 purchase on Jan. 14, 2017, with her mother’s credit card following “specific instructions as to which name, phone number, and mailing address to use,” according to the records. .

“The charge was later contested,” the court documents say.

In August 2017, while Alyssa Geist was on a trip with friends in Montreal, she texted her mother asking how to dispute a charge as fraudulent, according to court documents.

“Karan responded with advice regarding the types of charges Alyssa could successfully contest and transactions to avoid,” the court documents state. “The travel-related charge was later disputed on another credit card.”

On American Express cards, Karen Geist falsely reported more than $205,000 in fraudulent charges and $155,000 in Chase cards, court records show.

Eventually, “documentary evidence” showed that Karan Geist had made the purchases herself, according to court documents.

She disputed a bill from a vet, who was near her home, and put her name on the bill and the names of her two dogs, according to court documents.

Another example is when she challenged airline ticket purchases “even though U.S. Customs and Border Protection records show that Karan and his family members were on those transatlantic flights.” , according to court records.

Using a search warrant, the NYPD attended Karan Geist’s home and found more than 100 credit cards as well as fraudulently purchased items, according to court documents.

His attorney, James R. Froccaro of Port Washington, could not immediately be reached for comment Monday night. Alyssa Geist’s attorney, James A. Pascarella, of Mineola, also could not immediately be reached for comment Monday evening.