Daily Fantasy NFL GPP Leverage Stacks for FanDuel and DraftKings – Week 1

The 2022 NFL season is back and we’re ready to deliver all of our DFS content week after week. Doug kicked things off earlier in the week with his cash game picks and now it’s time to look at some GPP stacks that might be under the radar and help us reach the GPP pot of gold. Let’s start.

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New Orleans Saints

James WinstonJames Winston FD 6700 DK 5300
Opponent ATL
Project points FD – 17.56 DNK – 18.2

Alvin KamaraAlvin Kamara FD 8500 DK 7600
Opponent ATL
Project points FD – 15.96 DK – 17.6

Chris OlaveChris Olave FD 5000 DK 4500
Opponent ATL
Project points FD – 6.76 DNK – 8.14

Let’s kick things off with the Saints having one of the best week one matchups against a Falcons defense that ranked 29th in DVOA in both rushing and passing in 2021 and made minimal improvements during the game. off-season. While you would think with this game they would be better held I just don’t think that will be the case with the lowest totals (41.5) on the slate combined with so many other great options that won’t be hard to stack given the very fair first week price.

Let’s start with James Winston who is no stranger to throwing the ball down the field with more than 12 yards per carrying in the six seasons in which he has started at least seven games. He enters the 2022 season with better weapons, including the return of Michael Thomas (questionable for the first week) and the Saints also drafted Chris Olave with the 11th pick and with Thomas and Landry expected to dominate the lower lanes, Olave should have plenty of work on the court, which brings a ton of fantasy. If it comes out and shines in the first week, there is a chance that its price will take a huge jump in the second week, so now could be the time to buy low and get in before ‘t become a household name.

There is a chance that Michael Thomas will miss the first week because he is suffering from an injury and that makes me want to be exposed to Alvin Kamara. I don’t normally stack running backs with my QB/WR stacks, but Kamara fits in because he’s one of the best pass rushers in the league. What I like most about Kamara in GPP, as he will provide leverage on the very chalky Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler. Stay tuned for Sunday morning news as I would consider Thomas in that pile as well if he is deemed healthy and ready to play a full part in the offense.

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Cincinnati Bengals

Joe TerrierJoe Terrier FD 7700 DK 6400
Opponent PIT
Draft points FD – 20.9 DK – 21.77

Higgins t-shirtHiggins t-shirt FD 7000 DK 6100
Opponent PIT
Project Points FD – 11.81 DNK – 14.24

Tyler BoydTyler Boyd FD 5700 DK 4800
Opponent PIT
Project Points FD – 9.04 DNK – 11.13

The Bengals start the season with a division game against the Steelers and with their Top 10 pass defense from a year ago, there might be some hesitation with the pass stack for Cincy. I love targeting this unit as it should be in the top five of high school in 2022 and outside of Minkah Fitzpatrick it’s pretty average at best.

The quarterback position is one place I think we can make the most of this week with Cincy as I have Joe Terrier somewhere in the 8th-10th range in terms of ownership. It’s helped by the fact the Steelers have held him within 200 yards in both meetings in 2021, but I’m not worried as he finished strong against tough defenses. Burrow averaged 320 passing yards per game as of Week 13, including the Super Bowl, averaging 23.3 DK points.

You might notice that I left Ja’Marr Chase off the list and that’s only because I think he’s not only the greatest owner of this passing game, but he should also pull off a ton of double coverage with help from Fitzpatrick at safety. For leverage in this stack, I like to target Higgins t-shirt who runs as a No. 2 and was phenomenal in the playoffs catching 17 of 26 passes for 299 yards and had two Super Bowl touchdowns against a tough Rams defense. His price almost hit $7,000 on DraftKings towards the end of the regular season, so that also looks like a low buy point for him as well. Targeting an even weaker property I like to stack Tyler Boyd in these versions, who easily gets the best game of the three in the slot against Arthur Maulet who was one of the worst slot corners in the league in 2021.

Running back/Defensive stack

Antonio GibsonAntonio Gibson FD 6800 DK 5800
Opponent JAX
Project Points FD – 10.15 DNK – 10.54

has beenWAS DEF FD 3700 DK 2500
Opponent JAX
Draft points FD – 7.34 DNK – 7.34

It takes a long time for this correlation to work, but I like it more because both are overlooked individually in this game and overall. All the talk leading up to week one was Travis Etienne for the Jags and I get it. He played with Trevor Lawrence in college and is also a very good passer. I also understand the appeal of the cheap Jags defense against Carson Wentz being a cipher machine. For me, I’m going to defer to the Commanders (always weird to say) taking on Trevor Lawrence who led the league in steals (17) a year ago as the Jags as a team turned the ball over for second ( 29) in the league. Defenses in this game are exactly the same price, so I’m going to charge whoever has half the property with the same advantage.

As for Gibson, he has a huge opportunity to start the season as rookie Brian Robinson will be out for a while after being shot a few weeks ago. Gibson broke the 1,000 rushing yard mark in his second season in the league and now has 18 total rushing touchdowns in his short career. He also added 294 receiving yards last year with three receiving touchdowns and faced a Jags defense that ranked 21st in fantasy points per game for running backs and 23rd on the offensive line in scoring. stoppage (via Fantasy Outsiders).