Help Change the Fortunes of Banking – ARB Apex Bank MD for Women

ARB Apex Bank Managing Director Alex Akwasi Awuah called on women to be more involved in changing the banking industry.

Industry members were also invited to show off their prowess and help take the industry to the next level.

Mr Awuah made the call at the inauguration of the ARB Apex Bank Ladies Association in Accra this weekend. The theme of the event was: “Building a Progressive and United Front: Ladies United For Programme”.

The call comes at a time when the percentage of women leading business in the industry is reportedly lower than expected.

For example, less than 10 of the country’s 146 rural and community banks (RCBs) are led by female CEOs.

Mr. Awuah said it was an undeniable fact that the representation of women in banking has not been encouraging over the years, a development that must change in the future.

Mr. Awuah said the bank is aware of the enormous capacity and potential that women have and expressed the hope that more women will take on higher roles.

“From today the ARB Apex Bank Ladies’ Association would go down in history as a club for pioneering professional women and I expect the ladies to be deliberate in their organization and decision-making to position the association as a point of reference for professional women lobby groups in the country,” he said.

Aspire to greater heights

The outgoing President of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB) Ghana, Patricia Sappor, on her part challenged women to aspire to the top and prove their abilities and worth in any organization they find themselves in.

Therefore, she therefore urged women to explore and understand the demands of their career progression and work meticulously towards this end.

“The era of women taking over leadership due to gender-attributed challenges is long gone. There are now many opportunities for women to positively impact their generation at all levels,” she said.


Ms. Sappor said that “to break the glass ceiling”, women must avail themselves of training by taking advantage of capacity building programmes.

“Women need to engage in mentorship programs organized by successful women and women in leadership positions who serve as role models for younger people.

There are unlimited opportunities for women. Position yourself and make yourself visible,” she said.

Break the silence, the disunity

ARB Apex Bank Association President Iris Obeng-Tuudah said the silence on disunity among women must be broken now to break the narrative’s illusion that women are their own enemies.

Ms. Tuuda urged all members of the association to stay united and channel their strengths to encourage each other to reach the top.

She also called on the bank’s board and management to consider prioritizing qualified women to fill vacancies in the bank to support the career progression of female staff.