Herts police warn of spike in bike theft and bank app scam

Herts police have issued warnings about the theft of 120 motorbikes in the past three months and a “very convincing” bank app scam.

Motorcyclists have been urged to take precautions after a spike in thefts, with Watford one of the most targeted areas.

Police believe the thefts are opportunistic and the majority were caught while the motorbikes were unsecured.

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Sergeant Karen Mellor said: “Using strong, good quality locks will have a deterrent effect.

“If nothing else, always lock your bike and activate the alarm if it has one.”

Banking app scam

Police have also warned against the use of a bogus banking app at Watford which tricks sellers into handing over items listed on online shopping platforms.

The app allows scammers to enter the seller’s bank details and then appears to indicate that the money has been deposited into the seller’s account.

Detective Inspector Pete Hankins said: ‘We always see people getting caught by this scam because the app is very convincing.

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