Horowitz: Supplementary COVID bill is Senate GOP’s latest leverage point to fight pharma fascism

Even after the Republicans squandered their influence for the rest of the fiscal year by endorsing the omnibus, they still had one more influence point. The Biden administration was asking for an additional spending bill for even more COVID funding because clearly Pfizer’s $54 billion in revenue isn’t enough. Rather than using the bill as a hostage to outlaw COVID fascism, compensate those injured in the shooting, and establish investigations and oversight of COVID vaccines and policies, Republicans agreed to more unconditional funding from the same responsible entities. of this horror.

Over the past two years, our government has obliterated us — with $5.8 trillion in tax bills and trillions more in Federal Reserve monetary manipulation — for funding the pandemic response, which has been destructive in all its policies. Recently, the San Francisco Federal Reserve identified “the combination of direct fiscal support introduced to counter the economic devastation caused by the pandemic” as a major driver of inflation. Rather than outlawing lockdowns, warrants, and dangerous shootings and instead funding early treatment, Republicans have shared in all of this spending. Now they think that’s not enough. But the policies underpinned by this spending are even worse than the fiscal impact.

Earlier this week, Republicans agreed to a deal to spend an additional $10 billion on the pandemic, including $5 billion in funding going to the coffers of Pfizer, Moderna and Merck to fund their drugs and therapies. As negotiators, led by Mitt Romney, claim money is being reprogrammed from unspent accounts, everyone should be wondering why the Big Pharma giants need more money. How have vaccines, Paxlovid, molnupiravir and remdesivir been shown to slow the pandemic? Why has no funding been allocated for off-patent and off-label drug research?

People, even in the most conservative estimate, the number of people injured in the shooting is huge. Earlier this year, Israel’s Health Ministry conducted a survey of those who received boosters and found that 4.5% reported neurological side effects, 0.5% reported paralysis Bell and 0.3% said they had been hospitalized. And that was only within the first 30 days of getting an injection, with no effort to study long-term effects. If you extrapolate those numbers to 550 million doses administered here in the United States, that’s a cataclysmic number of people who need help.

Now that the CDC researchers have agreed that the myocarditis entries in VAERS are likely underreported — not overreported — there’s no reason to believe that the other entries don’t also minimally reflect the extent of the safety concerns. . How can Republicans agree to spend more money on this injection campaign without banning injections for children, creating stronger oversight, and helping pay for vaccine damages — given that manufacturers are exempt?

You can get an intimate insight into the relationship between the two parties from how this deal was made. The White House has asked for $15 billion, including $5 billion for the promotion of vaccines around the world. Republicans rejected foreign funding, but accepted everything domestically. The White House really wanted this new funding, and Republicans could have used this enormous leverage to finally open the conversation about the policies underlying this pandemic response. Instead, they agreed to fund the corrupt status quo. Even if they want to spend more money on Pfizerocracy, Republicans could have pushed for the following conditions:

  • Part of the funding will be dedicated to research on the effectiveness of existing off-patent safe drugs on the market.
  • A commission on the origins of the virus and what went wrong with our response.
  • A better tracking system for people to submit vaccine injury claims and receive reparations.
  • A provision ensuring doctors are free to treat COVID patients using their medical judgment and clinical experience.
  • A ban on all mandates.
  • Research on the apparent negative effectiveness of injections and what didn’t work in clinical trials.

At a minimum, Republicans could have demanded the termination of the mask mandate on 2-year-olds on airplanes in exchange for giving more money to Pfizer and Moderna at Monopoly. This issue has become a near consensus among the public, and even some Senate Democrats have agreed to pass a bill ending the national plane’s tenure. It was passed by the Senate 57-40 in March. Why not demand that he be attached to this bill as leverage against Biden and Pelosi?

Ultimately, because Biden announced the termination of Title 42 at the border, Republicans eventually developed a backbone and demanded that continued Title 42 border removals be included in the bill. So that’s at least something to celebrate. But why did it take a non-COVID issue for them to develop a spine?

That Republicans can’t speak with moral clarity against lockdowns, masks, the mass vaccination drive and the war on early treatment — even after two years of reality assault — doesn’t bode well for us on the other side of the great electoral victory anticipated in November.