How these business leaders are leveraging technology to improve their productivity

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When used correctly, technology has the power to help people become better versions of themselves, whether it’s someone who never misses an event or someone who can be reached at any time. This applies to the workplace too, with an ever-growing number of software, apps and tools designed to help busy professionals get more done in their day.

For many business leaders, properly leveraged technology is the secret to their productivity success. Below, a panel of Rolling Stone Culture Council leaders discuss how they use technology to improve their productivity or work motivation throughout the day and why these strategies work so well.

To break my tie to the office

The existence of smartphones has made it so easy to reduce overhead and break the tie of being tied to a desk. To run my small business, I not only have to be in touch with guests and customers, but I also have to stay up to date on emails, voice calls, calendar updates and more. Thirty years ago, I don’t think this kind of balance could have existed. –Brandy Garcia, Cottonwood Wine Tours

To limit my screen time

Technology will always be a tool, and how we use it is up to us. I like to use screen time limits for social media apps so I don’t get caught doing hours of mindless scrolling. It’s helped me establish a healthier bedtime routine that doesn’t rely on apps. – Vanessa Gabriel, direct delivery

To create a virtual workplace

With our fully remote team, technology has been essential for team collaboration and motivation. Using Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive and Zoom, we have a virtual workplace and feel together every day! Sure, the occasional in-person meeting is important, but it often ends up being more social than necessary for work. – Liza Pruitt, Liza Pruitt Art

Get inspired through stories

I listen to great speeches and inspiring stories via podcasts and YouTube Music. It cheers me up, because I’ve never heard of luck. Courage, focus, and determination are just some of the attributes I hear in these stories, and they help me know I’m not alone. – Adam Rumanek, Aux Mode Inc.

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To take advantage of my best hours of concentration

We use an operating system to identify priority areas, which I then use to plan my weeks and days accordingly. I know my best hours of focus are in the morning, so I create a schedule where my most timely and deepest work happens during my most productive hours. While digital calendars may not be the sexiest technology, they’re integral to my productivity. –Jessica Billingsley, Akerna

To line up my team

Asana, a work management platform, is a key tool I use to stay productive, motivated, and focused throughout the day. It allows me to share projects and to-do lists with my team, keeping us all aligned. It really helps to cultivate a team-oriented and collaborative company. –Anthony Zaccaria, Linktree

To collaborate effectively

Collaboration is essential because no one’s effort is more valuable than everyone’s effort. Meeting apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype improve productivity by creating a solid environment for face-to-face communication and collaboration. Associates, customers and employees can easily meet virtually, consult and clarify effectively, especially on short notice. – David Castain, David Castain & Associates

To block out distractions

Using apps that block distracting social media platforms will help you channel your focus, shift into deep work mode, and be your most productive self. – Robbie Murch, BUMP

To create a detailed task list

I use the digital to-do list apps to create a detailed list of tasks and sub-tasks along with timestamps or deadlines that sync with my calendar. These apps also allow me to add detailed references and find everything in one place when I get to the task. It saves me a lot of time and helps me get things done. Checking off tasks from the list also acts as a great productivity boost. – Candice Georgiadis, Digital Day

To stay on top of meetings and calls

Using technology can really help keep things organized. Personally, I use the calendar app on my phone to keep track of scheduled meetings and calls with clients. It makes life much easier than trying to remember everything that goes through your head. – Christian Anderson (Trust’N), Lost Boy Entertainment LLC