How to use the banking service on WhatsApp?

With new emerging technologies, banking has become all the easier for customers in India. With the government opting for a digital push, banking services are also being largely digitized and a host of services are being provided online by almost all banks. To make the process even easier, several banks are now using WhatsApp to provide services. HDFC Bank is one such lender that has been using WhatsApp banking for quite some time now. In a recent tweet, the lender notified a revamped version of HDFC Bank’s WhatsApp banking services.

“Smart Chat Assist, 90+ banking services, intuitive AI and more are now at your fingertips with the all-new HDFC Bank ChatBanking on WhatsApp. So come and say ‘Hello’ to 7070022222 for a great banking experience. friendly,” HDFC Bank said in a tweet dated Aug. 1.

How to activate HDFC Bank WhatsApp Banking on your phone

Step 1: Save Chat Banking number 7070022222 in your contacts and just text “Hi” or “Join” in WhatsApp from your bank’s mobile number to 7070022222 and you will be guided through the process of registration. Your customer ID and a one-time password received via SMS to your registered mobile number will be the only things you need to enter to activate HDFC Bank banking chat on WhatsApp.

Step 2: Now that you are registered, you will have several options to choose from. You can choose from – Account Services, Credit Card Services, Request Products and more options under this system.

Step 3: For transaction-related services such as checking account balance or getting a mini-statement, you need to select the Account Services option. Within this, options such as Balance Inquiry, 7 Days Recent Transactions and Account Statement will be available.

Step 4: You just need to enter the services you need according to how the chatbot guides you.

It should be noted that this service is completely free and there is no charge for using the new HDFC banking chat on WhatsApp. You can use Chat Banking on WhatsApp even if you don’t have an account with the lender, to request various products on accounts, cards, loans and other products and services. All HDFC Bank customers can use Chat Banking to get details about their accounts, cards, loans, request new products and services.

HDFC Bank Chat Banking on WhatsApp is “more intuitive, simplified and offers more digital self-service journeys that can meet most of your banking needs,” the lender said on its website.

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