Jimmy Garoppolo has all the leverage with the 49ers

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The 2022 NFL offseason showed many trades and signings that shocked many NFL fans.

Wide receivers and quarterbacks got huge contracts this year.

Some contracts came after players were traded to their new team.

There have also been trade rumors regarding NFL players.

One such player is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

With rumors that the 49ers will start Trey Lance, it looks like a Garoppolo trade is coming soon.

However, he holds all the cards with the 49ers.

Here’s how Jimmy G controls how the 49ers move forward with the quarterback.

Garoppolo has the experience advantage over Lance

While Lance has done well in the games he has played, Garoppolo has the experience advantage over him.

He has playoff and Super Bowl experience under his belt with the 49ers.

After a trade brought him to San Francisco in 2017, he caused a stir by going 5-0 in the team’s last five games.

His 2019 season with the team saw him go 13-3 and help take the 49ers to the Super Bowl that season.

So while Lance is a great quarterback and a good future option for the team, Garoppolo has what it takes to win right now.

However, Garoppolo will have to work on his decision-making for 2022 to help him keep that edge.

In 2021, he threw 12 interceptions and 20 touchdowns.

So he has to reduce that number of interceptions to help himself and his team.

Garoppolo’s contract prevented teams from negotiating for him

Another thing that keeps Garoppolo in San Francisco is his contract.

The teams are unwilling to take over his contract in a trade for the quarterback.

While Garoppolo has done well with the 49ers, other teams don’t think the money is worth it.

So unless he restructures his contract with the 49ers, he has influence over all trade negotiations.

A trade for him would cost the team $26.95 million for Garoppolo.

However, if the 49ers agree to take that money, Garoppolo’s trade market could change.

But that’s a lot of money to eat for a player you’re trying to get rid of.

So it wouldn’t make sense for the 49ers to do this in a trade when they can wait out his contract.

2022 is Garoppolo’s last contract year with the 49ers

Garoppolo will not play for the 49ers beyond 2022.

Whether the team trades him or refuses to re-sign him, he is gone after 2022.

Garoppolo can use this last season to increase his value until 2023.

If he starts for the 49ers or another team, he will have to play his best.

The better he plays, the better his chances for another long-term contract.

However, if he stays with the 49ers in 2022 and starts, they give him the best chance to improve.

It’s because he knows the system and the players.

They also have a stellar defense that will keep games close.

Those two things could help Jimmy G get paid in 2023.