Lucius Says Harry Styles Didn’t Give Them Enough Credit For ‘Treating People With Kindness’ Feature

Lucius, the American pop duo whose vocals feature prominently in the chorus of Harry Styles’ “Treat People With Kindness,” said they weren’t properly credited for their contribution to the 2019 song.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times About the duo’s new album “Second Nature,” they say they think they were unfairly denied a feature credit on the song, which appears on Styles’ second album “Fine Line.”

Although they are named as vocalists in the album liner notes for “Treat People With Kindness”, the duo are not officially listed as featured artists, nor tagged on the track on streaming services such as Spotify. the Los Angeles Time piece acknowledges that Styles has never officially listed a featured artist in any of his solo music.

Lucius has, however, been identified as a featured artist on songs by other artists in the past, such as the title track from The War on Drugs’ latest album, last year’s “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” or Nathaniel Rateliff 2018. song ‘Baby I know’.

“We start the song, we sing every chorus, just us. We swap the deck. It’s us and Harry Styles. Harry Styles and us,” Jess Wolfe of the band said during the play.

“It just hurts. It was a chance to spread some love, which he claims to do all the time. And that could have really helped us. I’ve been to Harry’s shows and he’s always been very charming and kind. We sang live with him.

The duo performed the song with Styles during an album release show for ‘Fine Line’ in 2019. During the introduction to ‘Treat People With Kindness’, Styles reportedly said, “What’s fun for me , is that I don’t sing on the chorus”.

Lucius previously spoke about the perceived lack of credit in another interview earlier this month, with Variety. “They didn’t want to credit us as being on the record. And I say ‘they’, because we never told Harry about this or anything,” Wolfe comments in that one.

Lucius’ Holly Laessig, who sings on the track alongside Wolfe, added: “They said, ‘We don’t have any features on the record. And if you don’t want that, we’ll just take your vocals out and replace them. .

NME has reached out to a Styles rep for comment.

Styles is currently preparing his third studio album, “Harry’s House”. The follow-up to “Fine Line” is set to arrive on May 20 and premiered with lead single “As It Was,” which arrived on April 1.

The track broke a Spotify record on its first day of release, with the streaming platform confirming it had become the most-streamed song in the US in a single day with 8.3 million US streams. The record was previously held by Olivia Rodrigo for “Drivers License”, with 8 million streams.