Maine PUC approves Mills’ offer for $90 credit on electric bills

Low-income Mainers can expect to see a $90 credit on their electric bills soon.

Who will receive the credit?

The Maine Public Utilities Commission announced Thursday that single bill credit for approximately 90,000 low-income customers of Central Maine Power Company and Versant Power has been approved. Eligible residents will be those whose household income is equal to or less than 150% of federal poverty guidelines.

Governor Janet Mills applied for the credit, in partnership with the Office of the Public Attorney and the Governor’s Office of Energy, to help offset the recent increase in electricity supply rates. Most Maine residents, both Versant and CMP customers, saw an increase of about $30, so the $90 bill credit would offset about 3 months of higher bills.

Why did the Maine PUC endorse it?

Maine PUC Chairman Philip L. Bartlett said it was an important step to help Maine residents cope with an increasingly expensive world.

We recognize the importance of this assistance at a time when energy costs are rising globally. We also have an open process to revise our low-income relief program to provide longer-term relief to utility customers who need it most.

Bartlett says anyone who still needs help should contact their local utility company or visit the UCP website for a list of support programs.

When will it appear on electricity bills?

The cost of this program will be paid for by the Maine State Housing Authority, using the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Eligible recipients can expect the one-time credit to be automatically applied to their bills by approximately March 30, 2022.

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