More than just the basics: Komo enhances the digital banking experience

Financial technology, or fintech, has reframed the way we view and manage money. Gone are the days of multiple paperwork to complete or submit, queuing for a bank teller to assist you, or waiting for bank applications to be approved. Digital innovation has truly transformed banking as we know it.

But with so many platforms and applications now available on the market, it can be quite daunting to choose one that offers the range of features and ease of use that one expects from these tools.

Security is also a major concern – phishing, data privacy and risk of fraudulent transactions are some of the many issues facing the industry.

Also, although going online makes everything convenient, people still want to have real money on hand – very useful for emergencies – so they are always looking for the ability to withdraw from their account online. online via ATMs.

Luckily, there’s Komo – the all-digital banking service that combines all the must-have features of an online banking platform and takes that experience to the next level.

Powered by EastWest, Komo enables anyone – from online banking beginners to fintech connoisseurs – to meet everyday banking needs with ease, convenience, and above all, security, all with just a few taps on the app. Plus, Komo offers complete control over your money – truly an unparalleled promise in the industry.

Get started hassle-free

Like most digital wallets and banks, Komo lets you open an account anywhere, anytime with just the Komo app. Using a single login and a stable internet connection, you can open an account in minutes – without leaving home, signing in multiple times, or waiting in line!

What sets Komo apart is that it comes with a free VISA debit card that allows you to make free withdrawals from any ATM locally.

So wherever you are in the country, have peace of mind knowing that you can get money at no cost; abroad, you can have cash available quickly by withdrawing for a fee from ATMs that accept VISA. Your debit card can also be used to make cashless purchases here and abroad at any VISA accepting store.

True convenience anytime, anywhere

With digital finance, it is convenient to take care of money management tasks without facing travel, traffic and long bank lines. However, digital banking is not reaching its limits, a means that allows players to be regulated in a booming industry. With Komo, they take convenience to the next level.

Pay your bills and transfer money nationwide for free with just a few taps on the app. What’s even better is that you can transfer up to 200,000 pesos per day per beneficiary from your Komo account – it’s really convenient!

The more secure digital bank

A frequently asked question when it comes to going digital is “Is my money/account safe and secure?”.

This is a very valid question and on the face of it, Komo answers it by allowing customers to track their transactions and easily set up the app access code and card PIN through the app.

To go further, Komo also offers the biometric service. Imagine removing OTPs when transferring or paying bills, but instead authenticating actions with your face or fingerprint, giving you tamper-proof security. You can also lock your cards in seconds, protecting you from fear of theft, fraud and even budols!

Komo also seeks to secure your savings. With a 2.5% annual interest rate on top of your savings, you can better protect your money and grow your funds faster than at brick-and-mortar locations.

Beyond interest, Komo also offers its personal finance and analytics tools – two money management services that help you better understand your spending and visualize the progress of your savings goals so you can create better saving habits. Now it’s control only given by Komo!

Thanks to Komo and its partner, Troo Flex, you can build your own insurance plan in minutes! If signing up for protection seemed cumbersome before, now you can enjoy the freedom to create and customize your own benefits via mobile without breaking the bank.

For as little as P428 per year, you can buy total protection right on your phone.

There are so many e-wallets and digital banks that it can be difficult to choose one. But with Komo, you get all the basic features you expect and more. Download Komo today by clicking this link and start discovering Total Kontrol.