Moritz Pindorek explains tips for understanding and taking advantage of the nuances of NFT Trading

NFTs are what the internet was not too long ago – attractive but intimidating. As it gains global traction, people are starting to open up to the idea of ​​non-fungible tokens or NTfs. For most people, however, the territory remains foreign. Here is German entrepreneur Moritz Pindorek whose 3 pro tips can now help you understand and exploit the nuances of NFT trading.


Podcasts have changed the way we consume information. It’s a leap from radio, but a huge leap nonetheless. Now you can continue your work and simultaneously pick up information about something that really interests you. Moritz thinks that “NFT podcasts take advantage of this opportunity that technology has given us. Some of these podcasts, like The Defiant and Modern Finance, really break down the nuances of NFT for beginners. They will help you with the means of NFT trading and give you the confidence you need to take the plunge.

The artists

NFT is a space for those who create. It’s no surprise that emerging artists and avant-garde art have taken to NFT trading like ducks to water. To better understand NFT trading, Moritz believes that “creators are some of the best educators. Artists like Beeple, Mad Dog Jones, 3lau, Pak and more are at the forefront of the NFT revolution. Tracking their work and analyzing their processes can help people gain valuable insights that they can apply in the world of NFT trading.

Media platforms

Reading remains one of the best ways to learn something. The question is, with the world of NFT trading teeming with knowledge creators, who should you talk to? Moritz chooses a handful of names that he says can “help you get the hang of it.” Invest some time on media platforms like Artblocks and Larva Labs, for example, to get a curated list of NFT artists and stay up to date with the hottest NFT projects of the day, respectively.

You should also join “Crypto Twitter” and to be specific, read NFT topics and follow some influencers to stay updated on alpha projects/news/news.

They will give you a picture of the NFT world as it unfolds. By observing the movements, you will put yourself in a better position to make your own movement.

The NFT space is slowly but surely gaining momentum. With more and more people interested in figuring out what it’s all about with the help of people like Moritz Pindorek, it seems to have an interesting future for him.

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