My doctor’s office has a credit of over $500. What should I do?

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QUESTION: My doctor’s office has over $500 in credit and won’t return it to me. I asked three times without success. What should I do next?

ANSWER: Before you do anything rash, make sure there’s no good reason for the doctor to keep your money.

Read all the fine print to see if there are any “outs” for the vendor. Send written accounting requests and explanations.

If this fails, send a formal notice with threat of litigation within a certain time. If that fails, meet the deadline by filing a lawsuit in municipal court or the justice of the peace.

Make sure you have the correct acknowledgment. Many medical bills come from third-party providers. You may need to sue multiple defendants.

The advice of a lawyer should probably be sought.

You may want to check the Louisiana Medical Review Board website and see if there are any administrative remedies.


The owner of a piece of furniture illegitimately converted and then destroyed certainly has the right to recover the value of the property” at the time of conversion. Dual Drilling Co. v. Mills Equipment Investments, Inc., 721 So.2d 853 (Sup. Ct., La., 1998)

QUESTION: We purchased a new window A/C unit from a local store with a four year service contract. He stopped after two months. When the tech finally came out, he said the part needed had been out of stock for weeks. it’s hot. We are all women over 50. One of us is on oxygen. We eventually replaced the unit ourselves. The broken one sits on our floor. All we want is for the unit to be gone and our money refunded. Can we sue the store and service contract company?

ANSWER: Continuing may not be worth it. The legal fees alone will eat up the cost of the air conditioner.

But suing is probably your only recourse. Again, watch out for arbitration clauses in the fine print.

If you are suing, try to do so in municipal court or a justice of the peace.