Optimal Dynamics and Metafora Form Strategic Business Alliance to Leverage Advanced AI and Business Analytics to Improve Carrier Operations

Metafora and Optimal Dynamics are partnering to enable transportation providers to optimize and automate decisions across their operations. Optimal Dynamics is the first intelligent freight management system that leverages proprietary High-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence (“HD-AI”) to drive automated and resilient decision-making for customers.

Optimal Dynamics’ unique predictive technology balances load planning across enterprise assets and brokerage services, while Metafora’s services align business processes across divisions with custom strategies to synchronize all the company.

“Our clients come to us to transform their business and break down silos.” Director of Metafora Partnerships, Shanna Greathouse states, “Partnering with Optimal Dynamics provides Metafora with a powerful solution to improve clients’ bottom line results with an unprecedented level of predictability and help keep their divisions’ planning processes aligned.

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Customers can benefit from Metaforathe high-end consulting services of and Optimal dynamics‘ innovative platform simultaneously. This partnership will provide carriers with the ability to advance business and operational efficiency through deliverables including:

  • Optimal Dynamics Proof of Concept Study
  • Future State Business Strategy and Technology Workshop
  • Prioritization of harmonized processes and deployment
  • Workshop and training on roles and responsibilities

“Optimal Dynamics is thrilled to partner with Metafora and collaborate on our shared mission to help transportation companies optimize their operations through cutting-edge technology,” said Andrew BrazelVice President of Technology Partnerships at Optimal Dynamics.

Carriers looking to advance and align their business goals with a unified technology strategy can explore opportunities at metafora.net and learn about Optimal Dynamics truck load planning solutions at optimaldynamics.com.

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