The 10 Best Leverage Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Given that Leverage relies on the highly specialized abilities of its main crew to carry out its long scam stories, the intelligence of its cast of characters is generally high.

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Whether adept at reading people, manipulating technology, devising multi-level plans, or holding any number of other talents, the best characters in Leverageboth friends and foes – bring something special to the series. Seeing these talents combine as the crew initiates their plans makes for a satisfying watch, as does their development over the course of the series.

ten Dr. Maggie Collins

Maggie Collins talks to Nate in Leverage

Ex-wife of Nate and friend of Sophie, Maggie Collins has only made a few appearances in Leveragebut each episode saw her show off her skills to great effect.

An expert in art history, Maggie first appeared in Season 1’s “The First David Job,” working as a curator at the LA Museum of Classical Art. Soon drawn into the world of Nate and the team, Maggie proves to be a quick learner, taking part in their scam. In season 4’s “The Last Dam Job”, Maggie appears again when the crew needs a backup con man to trick Victor Dubenich, a role she tackles with ease despite her relative inexperience.

9 James Sterling

Jim Sterling in Leverage

A former colleague and longtime rival of Nate at the insurance company IYS, James (or Jim) Sterling often clashes with the Leverage team, especially after he lands a job at Interpol.

Constantly striving to get the better of Nate, the pair’s competition was closely matched, proving Sterling’s talent as an investigator, though he was usually outmaneuvered in the end. Despite his animosity for Nate and his crew, Sterling could somehow be seen as a TV character who went from villain to friend, as he works alongside Nate in “The Queen’s Gambit Job” and ultimately helps his escape in ” The Long Goodbye Job”.


8 Damien Moreau

Damien Moreau in Leverage

The supreme villain of Leverage third season, and a mastermind with ties to Eliot’s past, Damien Moreau is a tough target for the crew.

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Moreau’s status as a hugely influential financier, linked to several criminal organizations, led to his expansion into smuggling and trafficking, giving him power in multiple criminal areas. His intelligence manifests not only in the success of his operation, but also in the way he positions himself on the island of San Lorenzo, beyond the reach of prosecution.

seven Tara Cole

Tara in Leverage

A friend of Sophie sent to help the Leverage team while she herself was on hiatus, Tara Cole is an experienced con artist whose past includes some level of training at Quantico.

Knowing the crew would be wary of a new crook, Tara’s introduction to the group saw her secretly infiltrate one of the team’s missions, a move that proves her worth to them after her newfoundness is discovered. identity. In addition to her skills as a solo con artist, Tara also works well in the Leverage crew, where she tapped into other talents like her multilingualism and background in cryptography.

6 Breanna Casey

Breanna Casey in Leverage Redemption

First appearing in the series revival, Leverage: RedemptionBreanna Casey is Hardison’s adopted sister, and she shares her affinity for technology.

Breanna quickly earned her place among the best characters in Leverage: Redemption, in part because of his quick wit and strong morals. On top of that, Breanna is a fantastic mechanical engineer, and she uses those skills in her role on the team to great effect. Breanna’s hacking skills and knowledge of social media also helped the crew in new and impressive ways.

5 Sophie Devereaux

Sophie in Leverage

Although a handful of the best TV shows like Leverage also feature characters who are talented hustlers, none compare to the prowess of Sophie Devereaux.

An expert in reading people regardless of social status, Sophie’s position within the Leverage is invaluable, and the crew immediately feels her absence when she leaves them briefly in Season 2. Able to convincingly play a wide range of roles in team counters, with an affinity for guiding focus and her brand’s responses to achieve her goals, Sophie is truly the best at what she does.

4 Eliot Spencer

Eliot Spencer in Leverage

Although often hailed as a physically gifted hitter, unlike the more cerebral skills of his teammates, Eliot Spencer has a more diverse range of abilities than meets the eye.

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Along with his mastery of all manner of combat skills, Eliot is also the team’s recovery specialist, with experience as a tactician that gives him insight into criminal enterprises. His characteristic ability to also recognize a person or object from their “distinctive” properties shows his incredible powers of observation, while his talents as a leader, guitarist, and sportsman had a big impact on several downsides.

3 Nate Ford

Nate Ford in Leverage

the Leverage The team’s original mastermind and the man who guided their early operations, Nathan Ford honed his knowledge of the criminal underworld while working as an insurance investigator for IYS.

Despite his early apprehensions about his assigned team’s ability to be able to work together harmoniously and his personal blocks on working outside the law, Nate quickly illustrated why he was chosen by Victor Dubenich. His expertise in designing counters, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of his brands and allies, and his ability to quickly adjust his plans set Nate and his team apart.

2 parker

Parker in leverage

Although it is introduced in the Leverage crew due to her status as an expert thief, Parker grows to learn many other valuable skills from her teammates.

Given this, it was no surprise that when the original Leverage The TV show ended 10 years ago, Parker was left in charge as the new brains of the group. Alongside his world-class thieving skills, which include dismantling intricate security systems and amazing gymnastic feats, Parker gradually develops his own skills as a con man with help from Sophie, and by watching Nate learns to plan and break down counters the same way she approaches a burglary.

1 Alec Hardison

Alec Hardison in Leverage

He may be one of the youngest members of Leverage original team, but Alec Hardison has the smarts to overcome any obstacle.

Although he begins his journey as the hacker of the crew, providing vital information to the team, Hardison soon begins to manufacture technological gadgets which are often crucial to their success, and later even acts as a counterfeiter, reproducing an ancient book that will stand up to scrutiny. in “The Work of King George”. Additionally, Hardison’s commitment to learning to snack and his strong social skills all contribute to Eliot’s claim in “The Rundown Job” that Hardison is “the smartest guy I’ve ever known.” .

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