A recent security study revealed that large enterprises can deal with over 1,000 critical threats and security alerts per day.[1] Participating companies also indicated that they spend 20% of their working day managing these alerts.[2] With the increasing number of incidents, it is essential to implement the right solutions to mitigate risks on your site, as well as for customers and staff. Partnership streamlines incident and operations management process, supercharged by mesh networking, augmented reality and robust communication channels to reduce response times and ensure sites can communicate even when networks are down or overloaded .

“We are excited to partner with Titan HST to provide an integrated experience for our existing customers to identify and manage incidents inside the TopoONE platform.” said Phil Harris, CEO and Founder of “The open architecture of our cloud-based critical event management platform, TopoONE, allows innovative technologies, such as Titan HST, to be easily integrated and leveraged by security professionals. Through this partnership strategically, and HST are keeping our promise to do everything in our power to keep our customers and their operations safe.”

Using the Titan HST mobile app, web portal or text message, users report incidents and emergencies with the push of a button. Through seamless integration, site administrators can pinpoint the location of the incident and manage communication directly from the platform, providing 360-degree visibility of any event and enabling rapid dissemination of site information .

“We are thrilled to partner with and bring our customers a powerful synergistic solution for the growing number of incidents they are facing,” said Vic Merjanian, Esq., CEO and Founder of Titan HST. “These strategic partnerships enhance the user experience by providing innovative technologies that can be implemented across all sites and platforms. Titan HST and are committed to the safety of our customers and strive to secure constantly their sites with the best product partnerships on the market.

From major sports facilities to hotel and government agencies, organizations and sites across the country and around the world have implemented Titan HST and’s end-to-end security solution to maximize security.

About Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.:

Titan HST is a CaliforniaNew York-based technology company providing a comprehensive patented emergency alert and mass notification system for businesses, governments and schools. The mobile app allows users and emergency personnel to instantly communicate emergency information – including GPS coordinates, text, audio, images and video – increasing information dissemination and reducing the emergency response time. Using real-time multilingual translation, augmented reality and crowd-sourced data, Titan HST’s two-way mobile communication platform meets the needs of workplaces, campuses and governments around the world. For more information, please visit

About’s cloud-based critical event management platform, TopoONE, is used by security and supply chain teams to manage risks to their fixed and mobile physical assets. Clients use TopoONE to mitigate risk by gaining 360 degree visibility into their duty of care, reducing response times and improving team productivity. Using powerful visualization, workflow, communication, automation, and analytics, TopoONE has defined the future of security operations. For more information, visit

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