TPD warns against credit card skimmers at interstate gas stations

TUSCALOOSA, AL – The Tuscaloosa Police Department is warning the public to be aware of credit card skimmers in the area after the scam devices were found on gas pumps in some areas off the Interstate 20/59.

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TPD said investigators believe violators are targeting gas stations along highways and placing the devices on pumps before proceeding to the next exit.

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“They will come back after a while and then use the victim’s credit card information after a while,” the department said in its message to the public. “This makes it less likely that the incriminating CCTV can be found.”

The TPD later said its Criminal Investigations Division was actively monitoring gas stations in the area, particularly those near the highway, and found no skimmer currently in use.

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Still, police continue to advise the public to check their bank statements regularly and report any unusual or potentially fraudulent activity.

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